Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Sunbeam Transformer: Disco Dude

The Sunbeam case profiles itself with a lot of light effects and a big side window. The midi tower is made of steel, with a plastic front that looks cheap and is not overly sturdy. A cold cathode light included in the package can be placed behind the front deco. This makes the transformer even more luminous, lending it greater visual appeal.

Loads of lighting and sound effects

Front Panels And Connection Ports

The front is 100% plastic, which doesn't make the case too sturdy. The front panel shutter opens with some effort, which easily gets stuck. The USB and audio ports are found on the side. You won't find any FireWire ports on this case though.

Front and back of the transformer

Connection ports for USB and audio are found on the side.

Siggy Moersch