Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Drive Racks

The hard drive holding racks can accommodate a maximum of six 3.5" disks. Not much space is left between the individual drives though for air circulation. The power supply is built in later over the top of the hard drives, by the way. This makes hooking up the drives with the power source very simple.

A maximum of six disks will fit in. Things can really get cooking here.

Ventilation System

Aside from the plastic tunnel there is no cooling system in the Silveration Basic. The two obligatory 120 mm fans are missing. When we asked the manufacturer they said with the Sharkoon they leave it up to buyers what kind of fan they want to use. The same goes for the potential 80 mm fan.

This tunnel provides cooling for the motherboard and CPU.

Siggy Moersch