Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Drive Racks

A non-descript plastic box comes inside the installation frame for the 3.5" drives, containing the screws, motherboard spacers, and a matching screwdriver. The box is attached by a thumbscrew that can be removed without tools. Once that's done, nothing further stands in the way of installing the hard drives. The disks and 5.25" optical drives attach directly to the cage. The case does not provide decoupling of the hard drives.

The cage for the drives is welded to the case

Ventilation System

The R102 Silver has integrated fan controls for the ventilation system. A small 3" (80mm) fan disperses heat. Holes are provided in front of the hard drive cage for an additional fan.

The display acts as a fan controller and provides temperature monitoring.

Even heavy power supplies can be built into here.

Siggy Moersch