Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Fixtures For The Drives

All drives are fitted with two plastic runners. That not only facilitates installation, but also isolates the drives acoustically from the rest of the case. The cage for the hard drives is rotated by 90° to face outward, making assembly and cabling much easier. A large fan scoops fresh air into the midi tower to cool the drives.

Drives are screwlessly mounted on plastic rails

The cage is at a 90° angle to facilitate installation

The Ventilation System

Three 4.7" (120mm) system fans (included) are responsible for cooling the NZXT case. However, only two of them can be regulated via the fan control.

The case has several 4.7" (120mm) fans

The front fan has a dust filter

Fans light up in blue

Siggy Moersch