Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Side And Interior Views

The picture of the inside shows a spanking new layout. The most conspicuous feature, however, is the tunnel system, whose blue plastic pipe grabs first stand out.

Lots of room inside

Interior Layout

  1. Motherboard
  2. PSU
  3. 3.5" drives (HDDs)
  4. 5.25" drives (burner, CD/DVD)

Fixtures For The Drives

The hard drive frames are above the motherboard, as is the PSU. Up to six disks can be installed in the tightest space on runners.

The case does not have a special cooling system for the hard drives. That means that a lot of heat may be generated, especially if you build in fast drives. Far better to take a drive less and install an extra fan in its place. Although the PSU fits in above the fixture, even with a 4.7" (120mm) fan, it would be stretched past its limits.

The PSU is installed above the drive cage

Siggy Moersch