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Asus's First Case Fan Is the 120mm ROG Strix XF120

Asus ROG Strix XF120 Case Fan
(Image credit: YouTube)

When you think of Asus, generally, you only think of its as a motherboard, graphics card, and laptop manufacturer. But the company has expanded its influence over the past few years to include PC peripherals, PC cases, and AIO liquid coolers. So it should come as no surprise that Asus is entering the case fan market with its own ROG Strix XF120 120mm chassis fan

The XF120 features high-end specs. Similar to the ML120s from Corsair, the XF120 comes with a MagLev bearing, reinforced fiberglass material, grooved fan blades with rounded edges, and anti-vibration pads.

The operating range for the XF 120 is quite good, with its minimum RPM targeted at just 250RPM and a maximum RPM of 1800RPM. This is perfect for a case fan, as generally, case fans don't need to run at the same RPM levels as CPU cooler fans.

Asus ROG Strix XF120 Case Fan

(Image credit: YouTube)

XF120 Specs:


Cooling Stats:

400,000 hours

For Asus' first chassis fan, the specs for the XF120 are quite good; compared to big case fan brands like the Silent Wings 3 from Be Quiet! or the Fractal Design Venturi, the XF120 brings similar performance with better acoustics.

But compared to Asus' biggest competitor, the Corsair ML120, that fan has better cooling performance specs-wise. But that fan also has a much higher RPM range and is optimized towards airflow and static pressure, whereas Asus' XF120 is optimized purely for airflow, not static pressure.

The Asus XF120 looks promising, but we still don't know what it will cost – all we know is a release target for April. Hopefully, we can get a few of these XF120s in our lab to test in the future.