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AMD's New K6-2 Processor

3D Performance, Continued

AMD and Rage Software had a cooperation on Incoming for including 3DNow! support in this great looking game. Unfortunately the result wasn't as great as what was achieved by 3Dfx and AMD for Quake II. Incoming is still running faster on a Pentium II, showing that the K6-2 alone doesn't do the job.

It surprised me a lot to see that Forsaken as a game that's not optimized for 3DNow! is showing the K6-2 a lot better than the 'optimized' game Incoming. However, this for DirectX 5 written game is still hardly showing the abilties of the K6-2 at all.

Turok could hardly be distinguished between running on a K6 or a K6-2. It is certainly not optimized for 3DNow! and it doesn't even really take advantage of DirectX 6's 3DNow! optimization. For future K6-2 owners, Turok is one of the games that should be avoided.