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Asus ROG Swift PG258Q Monitor Review

Gaming With G-Sync

Looking over our benchmark results, it’s obvious that in the area of video processing, the PG258Q does everything well. It has a truly usable blur-reduction feature, a 240Hz refresh rate without overclock, and G-Sync. Plus, its FHD resolution means some truly high framerates can be achieved. In addition to our usual gaming tests, we’re going to see just how high we can go by reducing detail levels. But first the basics.

We started with Far Cry 4 at Ultra detail and had no problem maintaining 110-120 FPS regardless of content or intensity level. If you’re wondering whether or not 100 FPS looks better than 60, we can tell you it does, quite a bit in fact. I’m sure those who have already invested in an expensive video card will agree. Once you’ve experienced this kind of response and realism, it’s hard to look at a lesser system or monitor in the same way.

As expected, the overdrive is best left on its Normal setting. Extreme produces both black and white object trails that really spoil moving detail. The PG258Q’s overshoot is just too high. At these framerates, OD is barely a factor anyway.

Reducing detail to Low increased the framerate range to 110-170fps. Honestly though, control response felt the same, but graphics quality definitely took a hit. Jagged lines and murky textures reduced the fun factor significantly. There was nothing to be gained by this exercise.

Moving on to ULMB testing, we disabled G-Sync and set the refresh to 144Hz. Engaging V-Sync made sure the framerate didn’t exceed 144 FPS. We consistently maintained that rate even at max detail and could not tell that G-Sync wasn’t in play. All we saw was perfect smoothness and instant response to control inputs. There was no limit to how fast we could move the mouse. Detail remained rock-solid with no jitter, no tearing, and no blur.

Obviously, G-Sync is the preferred method here. There’s no need to tweak settings, and you can always play on max detail if your video card is stout enough. In terms of gameplay, the PG258Q is the finest display we’ve seen to date.

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Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.