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Speedomania: 48x/16x/48x-Burner from LG

A Comparison Of Features And Writing Modes

Rating: 48x write speed

Rating: 40x write speed

The drive supports the usual writing modes such as track-at-once, disk-at-once, session-at-once, multissession, and packet writing. The GCE8480-B also supports Mount Rainier. The "Superlink" and "Fail-Free-Writing" technologies should ensure fault-free writing. "Superlink" is a technology for avoiding buffer under-runs during burning. "Fail-Free-Writing" helps the writer to set the ideal burning parameters for the CD-R being used. Both of these features worked perfectly during our tests.

A wide range of writing speeds is available for burning CD-Rs.

The GCE-8480B has a speed advantage over the GCE-8400B with CD-RW media: as well as the usual 10x and 12x speeds, it will take 16x in its stride also.