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Five Z87 Motherboards For Your Mini-ITX Build, Reviewed

Z87I-Deluxe Software

The Z87I-Deluxe includes Asus’ standard applications suite with Digi+ voltage regulator modes, AI Charger+ USB charging booster, EZ Update software updater, EPU energy-saving underclocking profiles, Fan Xpert2 enhanced fan control, USB 3.0 Boost for UASP and USB Turbo modes, Boot Setting reboot to firmware GUI, Network iControl packet prioritization, “Wi-Fi Go!” launching point for wireless networking and AP-mode controls, and TurboV Evo software-based overclocking.

TurboV Evo represents the full range of multiplier and voltage controls already found in UEFI, and changes that are applied directly to UEFI require a reboot.

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Automatic Overclocking is also an option, with the Auto Tuning algorithm quickly testing stability at increased multiplier, voltage, and clock settings. Choosing “By Multiplier” mode got us a 4.30 GHz max O/C at 1.155 V that drops to 4.1 GHz as additional cores are loaded.

A few more millivolts would have allowed the system to remain stable at its full overclock with all four cores under load. Choosing “By Base Clock” mode, the algorithm pushed a fixed 4.25 GHz O/C at 1.175 V.

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