Antec Announces Two New Gaming PSUs

Antec has announced two new power supplies, both part of the High Current Gamer M series. The two models, named the HCG-750M and the HCG-850M, can provide up to 750 W and 850 W, respectively.

The units both have Antec's patented 16-socket design, allowing for more connectivity and flexibility in the connections of 8-pin connectors. Beyond that, the unit is partially modular and features sleeved cables that Antec calls 'Stealth Wires.'

Antec's new High Current Gamer M power supplies are also programmed to run at 50°C, and because they are 80 Plus Bronze certified, they can also get away with a quiet, low-RPM fan. Speaking of which, the fan in the PSU is a 135 mm unit with a frosted white texture and can be lit up with white LEDs. For those who don't want the bling though, the white LED can be turned off by the flick of a switch.

There was no word on availability or pricing, but Antec did mention that the units will come with its generous five-year warranty.

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  • Sakkura
    They aren't "programmed to run at 50°C", that's just the temperature at which they were rated. Which means the wattage (and amperage) ratings are more likely to hold true when the PSU is under heavy strain in hot conditions.

    80 Plus Bronze is bog standard by now, as is a low-RPM fan. If you want something special it's 80 Plus Silver or above, and PSUs that shut off the fan and run passively at low load.
  • therogerwilco
    Uhh, 850 watts?! I would expect any psu's "targeting" gamers to be 1100+ watts.
    What's the point of the psu if you can't run 3 monster video cards on it?
    Otherwise I would love to see what makes a psu "for a gamer".
  • ojas
    My Stealth Wires are quieter than yours.