Apple Said to Be Considering 14-inch MacBook Air

The Apple rumor mill has mostly focused on the iPad as of late. If it hasn't been churning out report after report on the iPad 3, it's been chugging along on news of the Apple TV. However, today brings an Apple rumor of a different breed. According to Digitimes sources, Cupertino could be considering a 14-inch version of its super-skinny MacBook Air laptop.

Digitimes cites sources from the upstream supply chain that say Apple is considering launching a 14-inch MacBook Air and may start mass production on the device in the near future. Apple already has a 13-inch MacBook Air, so you wouldn't be alone in thinking a 14-inch model sounds a bit redundant and therefore unlikely.

According to Digitimes sources, 14-inch panels are currently the mainstream specification for the Asian notebook market. While 15-inch notebooks are the norm in Western countries, 14-inch models have as much as 40 percent of the market share in Asia (this is compared to 20-25 percent in Western countries). Sources say Apple focuses heavily on the American and European markets but is currently shifting to move some of that attention to China.

We're not entirely convinced Apple would consider the above enough of a reason to launch a new breed of MacBook Air (the company has always done things its own way, after all), but anything is possible. The most recent rumors say that the MacBook Air line (along with the MacBook Pro) will be updated next month, so we don't have long to wait to find out if there's any truth to this rumor.

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  • whyso
    get rid of the bezel
  • joytech22
    I don't know why they are considering to do that but anyway..

    Honestly I plan on getting a Mac sometime.

    No, I'm not a fanboy or anything I just want to try something new for once. I have like 10 freaking PC's (Some built out of spare parts and soon to have my Raspberry Pi delivered in like 2 weeks) and I just want some variety.
    I mean sure, I love Windows because it's universal and it just does everything, but I want to see what other platforms are like and that's just me.

    As someone who truly loves technology, I want to experience it all first hand. I own three Android devices, a bunch of PC's and Laptops, old windows mobile devices etc.. I don't care if it's Apple branded or whatever. I just want to try it out.

    And no, I'm not building a Hackintosh because I don't have any components in this house that are compatible with the builds.
  • rocknrollz
    [We're not entirely convinced Apple would consider the above enough of a reason to launch a new breed of MacBook Air]

    If there is money in it for Apple, of course they would. The 40% share in the Asian market sounds like the 14 inch would be a good hit in the country. And honestly, I think it would be a good hit in the U.S. too.