Caption Contest: Happy Birthday, Steve Ballmer!

I tried to find a picture of Steve with a cake or a birthday hat, you know, because it's his birthday and all. Unfortunately the closest thing I could get was Bill Gates covered in pie, so I settled for just Steve looking really, really happy. This is the happiest picture I could find. Caption away, my little darlings!

Here are the top ten from last week's post:


Schmidt: "On display today is Mr. Jobs! Who somehow has managed to make millions and millions of dollars all while wearing the same set of clothes for the past 5 years. It's just incredible!"


Eric: " And here to my right, we have the devil himself. Because only the devil can convince so many people to buy overpriced hardware with heavily limited OSes."

Steve: "Awww, why thank you Eric. It's funny how many people don't notice my logo is actually the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eve."


Steve - "You aren't still upset about being booted from the Apple board are you?"

Eric - "Not really, in fact I'm in such a good mood I just told all of China that their leaders murdered protestors 21 years ago in Tiananmen Square"


Eric: I hold in my hands every innovation Apple has made over the last 10 years!

Steve: There's a truck out back filled with the patents for all of that innovation!


Eric: How about a Hug?

Jobs: Let me patent myself first...


Steve: I am a mac

Eric: I am an Android.


Eric: "Why hello Steve, lets be friends!"

Steve: "Do Not Want!"


Eric - "Ladies and gentleman! I give you the visionary of 'magical' devices, such as the iPad, Mr. Steve Jobs! I believe he is the only man who has surpassed the great David Copperfield in Magic and Illusion!"

Steve - "Why Thank you Eric...hey! Wait a minute..."

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  • Ryun
    Ballmer - "How long did you say I have to wear this thing until my hair grows back?"
  • falchard
    "How much do YOU think this brain wave emitter is worth? Wait just one more minute before you answer. Watch as MS Brain makes this woman smile. Now how much do you think this emitter is worth? Don't answer. Wait until you see it work on this person without an emitter. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, It controls peoples minds through thin air!? Thats right, you can make people do stuff EVEN PEOPLE WITHOUT A RECIEVER! How much did you guess? $500? A Thousand? EVEN MORE? NO!! Its just $99! Thats right its $99. Its an incredible value but its true. Its MS Brain From Microsoft!"
  • gebbz
    Firstly...WTF is that THING they are wearing?
    Ballmer: Microsoft's new virtual sex-mo-tron works perfectly!
    Pimp in Middle: Yo homie, this virtual lovin' is gonna cost you!
    Girl: OMG virtual Steve Ballmer has his tentacles EVERYWHERE!
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  • whiz
    "I totally control that girl's mind..."
  • rambo117
    cingular: raising the bar
  • jonpaul37
    Ballmer & random Asian girl: "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile."

    random Asian guy: "Bend over and tell that to my West Siiiiiiied Shocker!"