HP CEO: Android Will Become Closed Source

HP CEO Meg Whitman has been talking smack about Android again after calling Google's highly popular OS "fragmented" just weeks ago. This time she claimed that Android will eventually be closed-source because of Google's approved purchase of Motorola.

This of course comes from a company that purchased Palm seemingly for its OS, failed in its attempt to launch products based on said software, and then decided to release it to the developer community under the open-source Apache license. Earlier this week HP released the source code to the webOS web browser and other code, the second stage in its overall roll out to get webOS to developers by September.

Google revealed back in August 2011 that it would buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion USD. The deal was just approved by European and U.S. regulators this week. Google claims that Android will remain an open-source OS despite claims stating otherwise. The company also said it would assure fair licensing for Motorola patents.

During a speech at the HP Global Partner conference in Las Vegas, Whitman said it could take up to four years for the complete impact of webOS to be felt. But that's OK. The industry needs another OS, she said, and HP has plenty of patience. She said she's actually rather excited about webOS, and pledged that the company will continue to contribute to its development.

Talk about webOS was rather short in her speech, as she moved on to tell about how she planned to change things once she became CEO. "When I came in I thought the most important thing I could do is remove noise from the system and create stability," Whitman said.

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  • Northwestern
    Translation: "My mobile open-source OS isn't as popular so I'm going to insult the most popular open-source OS!"
  • borden5
    shut up Meg.
  • cptnjarhead
    Meg, you are on track with open webOS, please just stick with that.
  • Other Comments
  • cptnjarhead
    Meg, you are on track with open webOS, please just stick with that.
  • wiyosaya
    Exactly the kind of comment we would expect from the CEO of a competing company.
  • Anonymous
    Change for change sake. This sounds more like "Daddy, look what I can do!" than any sort of simplification for end users.