Microsoft Nukes Recent Office for iPad Rumor

Tuesday morning The Daily quoted unnamed sources which said Microsoft's Metro-themed Office app for the iPad would soon be submitted to Apple for approval. The news arrived after the iPad version was supposedly discovered back in November 2011, as The Daily claimed it spent some hands-on time with the prototype software running on Apple's popular tablet.

"The app’s user interface is similar to the current OneNote app, but it has hints of Metro, the new design language that can be seen in Windows Phone and in the as-yet-released Windows 8 desktop operating system," The Daily reported, seemingly describing Office 15 for WOA. "Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be created and edited locally and online. But it’s unclear if Microsoft will support other Office apps at launch or at all."

Sources close to the matter said the design team has wrapped up the project, but so far an actual release date is unknown. The Daily assumed that "it could be released in the coming weeks" given that it's ready to be submitted to Apple's approval team, a statement heard within the halls of Microsoft, provoking a full-frontal denial.

"The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. We have no further comment," a Microsoft spokesperson said, neither confirming nor denying the app's actual existence. The rep also added that the screenshot accompanying the article, as seen above, is not a real picture of a Microsoft software product.

Selling Office 15 on Apple's iPad isn't all that far-fetched, as Microsoft would be reaching out to consumers who'd prefer the portable iOS environment while still having access to hugely popular Office apps like PowerPoint and Word. If anything, Office for Macintosh, which is highly profitable on that particular platform, proves this theory. Even more, the business sector, which relies heavily on Office apps, wouldn't be severely affected when adopting iPads, allowing workers to easily work between desktop and mobile.

If Microsoft is releasing an Office app for iPad, it's likely similar to the version slated for WOA, as both will be ARM-based. That said, Office for iPad probably won't appear until WOA actually launches later this year. Seriously, Microsoft providing a Metro-themed Office app on Apple's iPad first? That's just crazy talk, but we could be wrong.

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  • memadmax
    It's sad when you build a program and have to send it to the "master" for approval.....

    I will never build apps for apple and will never buy one again.....

    That goes double for all their slave labor and patent troll shenanigans.....
  • agnickolov
    If Microsoft is releasing an Office app for iPad, it's likely similar to the version slated for WOA, as both will be ARM-based.

    This shows complete lack of understanding of software development. The CPU instruction set has little to no impact on development since it's completely isolated from the source code via the compiler (about the only matter left to care about would be byte ordering). And this has been the case for the last 50 years. The rest of the platform differences are abstracted via drivers and those are immaterial for an application. It's the OS environment that dictates how close two platforms are (including the driver model to some extent).
    Both Windows and iOS are highly unique software environment, so it's not easy to share code between them. It's true that cross-platform frameworks exist, but these strip many of the cool features of the environment so you shouldn't expect a company like Microsoft to resort to using them (we certainly don't do that in our company). That means at the very least the UI is written independently for each OS. And don't even get me started on that blasted language Objective-C that Apple mandates developers use...
  • Anonymous
    I reckon the iOS version doesn't exist. Windows 8 is Microsoft's answer to the tablet. They want to get buy in from consumers and corporates alike. By offering Office on the iOS platform, they are only hindering themselves when they dorelease Windows 8 as most consumers wont want to jump as they can do all the same work related stuff on the iPad using the same program. Releasing Office on iOS could also lead to a situation where businesses now start rolling out iPads to their executives and start providing real support for them. This is due to the fact that the main set of tools the company uses are now available on a tablet and with no alternative platform to for the tablet the iPad would become the tablet of choice. When W8 is released these corporates will not suddenly switch over.

    The tablet war is one of Apps. It would be silly for Microsoft to release Office for iOS before W8 is out. But again I could just be super tired and not thinking straight