Renegade R2 SSDs Ships, 256 GB Version Soon

Earlier today, pureSilicon announced that its latest generation of "ruggedized" solid-state drives (SSDs), the Renegade R2, is now shipping to a specialty store near you. Although the drives probably wouldn't last in the hands of an elementary school boy, the Renegades are built tough and even look a little rugged around the (jagged) edges.

Right now consumers can pick up the 4 GB, 8 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB versions, each with an SATA II configuration and a low profile (9.5-mm height), 2.5-inch form factor. pureSilicon plans to release a 256 GB version along with PATA, 1.8-inch form factor, and encryption versions of all Renegade R2 drives during Q1 2010.

Under the "hood," the SSDs have sequential read speeds of up to 255 MB/sec., and sequential write speeds of up to 180 MB/sec. However, pureSilicon said that the drives also feature improved IOPS (random read: 18,000 IOPS @ 4K; random write: 1,200 IOPS @ 4K) and proprietary SiPher data security technology.

Based on comments made by pureSilicon founder and CEO Jason Breakstone, the SSDs are tailored for defense, military, industrial, and government markets that require high-performance and rugged storage solutions. "Renegade R2 is designed to operate in the harshest conditions," he said.

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  • Still waiting for $1/1g SSDs...
  • Should of been "$1 per 1g". Still need that edit button Toms!
  • acecombatShould of been "$1 per 1g". Still need that edit button Toms!

    They definitely need an edit, these SSD's just seem too expensive to rationalize the cost/performance and put one in my rig. I'll wait until their mainstream and put that money into a couple 1tb storage drives.

    But these are great for the super ultra rich enthusiast. Who simply has no time to let things load.