The U.S. is Catching up in Internet Connection Speeds

South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan are still leading the world, while the U.S. is getting closer to the top 10.

According to Akamai's State of the Internet report for Q2, South Korea topped the list of average Internet connection speeds with 15.7 Mbps, followed by Japan with 10.9 Mbps and Hong Kong with 9.3 Mbps. The U.S. landed at #12 with 6.7 Mbps, which, however, is more than twice the global average of 2.6 Mbps, and grew by 17 percent from Q1 and by 25 percent year over year. In both cases, the U.S. speed increase was faster than the global average, which jumped by 14 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

The U.S. is listed at eighth for average peak connection speeds. Akamai said that the average user in the U.S. now has a maximum of 28.7 Mbps available - 39 percent more than a year ago. Leading the charge is Hong Kong with 49.3 Mbps. South Korea is second with 47.8 Mbps and Japan came in third with 39.5 Mbps.


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  • nebicanezer
    Kansas City may be skewing those numbers a tad
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  • The-Darkening
    And to think that here in Argentina we're getting charged 20 U$S for 1 Mb. There are faster speeds, they become increasingly unaffordable. Max I've seen is 20 Mbs for 110 U$S monthly.
  • nebicanezer
    Kansas City may be skewing those numbers a tad
  • wethrowpie
    Darkening: You mean Megabit Mb, not MB Megabyte.