Cooler Master Introduces Cosmos SE Enclosure

Cooler Master has finally announced its Cosmos SE enclosure, which is displayed at Gamescom. The enclosure is a shrunken version of the larger Cosmos S enclosure, though it still has a number of new features compared to its older, bigger brother. Previously, folks have referred to the Cosmos SE as the Cosmos Mini.

The case comes in a pure black color and is built to be very sturdy. As such, the handles on the case are made from solid aluminum, as they were on the Cosmos S enclosure.

Cooler Master's Cosmos SE is also a more modular case, allowing compartments to be added and removed to suit your needs. For example, when one of the HDD bays is removed, the case has room for a front-mounted 360 mm water cooling radiator. There is also room for a top-mounted 240 mm radiator. According to Cooler Master, cable management is also very easy, regardless of the enclosure being part of a smaller class.

Few further details were released directly, though we know that the enclosure will feature three optical drive bays, eight 3.5" drive bays, room for up to 18 SSDs, room for graphics cards up to 395 mm in length, and CPU tower-type coolers up to 175 mm tall. It also has room for up to ATX size motherboards. As is standard, there is room for three 140 mm fans (two of which are included), and three 120 mm fans (one of which is included).

So far there has been no official word on pricing, though in Europe the case has been spotted for a price of about €175. When the case will be available globally remains unknown.

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