Office 2010 Beta Leaks Onto Torrent Sites

An official beta for Microsoft Office 2010 is expected to be released next week at the Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles, but someone who has got his or her hands on it early has leaked it out to the internet.

Neowin reports that the leaked build is numbered version 14.0.4514.1009 and is tagged with "beta 2" naming. Installation of the software requires a product key, but those who have tried it say that keys used for the Technical Preview work fine.

Craving Tech received a copy of the beta officially from Microsoft and has posted screenshots and early impressions of the software. Check that out here.

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  • nforce4max
    Didn't like 07 and this will be no different.
  • cabose369
    I wonder if they are still planing on doing the monthly subscription for it or if they canned that idea all together due to strong customer feedback against it.
  • rooket
    I don't use any of the advanced features. Office 97 is sufficient although I do use 2003 and 2007 these days... it is VERY rare for me to use this product at home however. not really too exciting.