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Benchmark Results: Productivity

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2009: $2,500 Performance PC

Adobe Photoshop runs very fast on our $2,500 SBM build and overclocking makes these results even better.

Encoding a single HD animation frame in 27 seconds is fairly typical of a machine in this price class, but the 22-second completion time when overclocked is respectable.

Here’s a fun fact: our current build completed AVG Virus Scan in less time than the former build did, even though the former build was scanning super-fast SSD drives. Notice, however, that overclocking our current build provides the lowest performance gains in single- and double-threaded applications, since our overclock settings also disabled the high single- and dual-core Intel Turbo Boost multipliers.

An update of both WinRAR and WinZip makes it impossible to accurately compare current and former results.

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