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VIA Apollo VP2 Chipset - 66/75 MHz Front Side Bus

The two chip Apollo VP2/97 is the industry's most highly integrated, high-performance and fully compatible Socket-7 chipset. With ECC, Microsoft PC97 compliance, SDRAM, 512 MB DRAM and 2 MB cache the VP2/97 is the only chipset in its class to incorporate the industry's complete set of leading-edge technologies. This product offers a new level of flexibility, scalability, performance and data transmission integrity. Recognizing its leading-edge design, AMD recently licensed the VIA Apollo VP2/97 core logic architecture as its AMD 640 chipset.


VIA is working to provide the highest level of technology integration for the Socket-7 motherboard infrastructure. The VIA Apollo VP2/97 is the optimal choice for the full range of Socket-7 processors and cache interfaces, including, Intel Pentium, and Pentium processor with MMXTM, Cyrix/IBM 6x86TM and 6x86MXTM, and AMD K5 and K6 MMXTM

PC97 Compliant

The VIA Apollo VP2/97 features the VIA VT82C586B PCI-IDE south bridge controller chip. Highly integrated, this chip complies with the Microsoft PC97 industry specification by supporting ACPI/OnNow, Ultra DMA/33 and USB technologies.


The Apollo VP2/97 builds on the legacy of the VIA VT82C580VP Apollo VP, widely recognized by leading international IT publications as the highest performing Socket-7 chipset. Key performance enabling features include support for up to 2 MB of L2 cache and up to 512 MB DRAM. Additonal performance related features include a fast DRAM controller with support for SDRAM, EDO, BEDO and FPM DRAM types in mixed combinations with 32/64 bit data bus widths and row and column addressing, a deeper buffer with enhanced performance, an intelligent PCI bus controller with Concurrent PCI master/CPU/IDE operations and zero-wait-state PCI master and slave burst transfer rates.


For server support and data integrity, the VP2/97 incorporates Error Checking and Correcting (ECC).

  • ECC
  • PC97 compliance
  • Extension to ACPI/OnNow
  • Universal Serial Bus Controller
  • Enhanced Master Mode PCI IDE Controller with extension to Ultra DMA/33
  • Support for up to 512 MB DRAM
  • DRAM controller with fast page mode/EDO/Synchronous DRAM support in mixed combinations with 32 bit or 64 bit data bus widths and row and column addressing
  • Deeper buffer with enhanced performance
  • Intelligent PCI bus controller offering concurrent PCI master/CPU/IDE operations and zero wait state PCI master and slave burst transfer rates
  • Integrated Keyboard Controller and Real-Time Clock
  • Flexible CPU Interface with support for Pentium, and Pentium, processor with MMX, Cyrix 6x86 and M2, and AMD K5 and K6 MMX
  • Advanced Cache Controller with burst synchronous cache SRAM support up to 2 MB
  • Plug and Play Controller
  • PCI to ISA Bridge
  • Built-in nand-tree pin scan test capability
  • 0.6um mixed voltage, high speed and low power CMOS process
  • 328 pin BGA Package for VT82C595 north bridge controller chip
  • 208 pin PQFP for VT82C586B south bridge controller chip
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