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Bus System: Remote Maintenance And Cleaning Included

Extreme Modding: When The Computer Makes Coffee

The system is based on a proprietary LON bus, special hardware (dongles and cards) provides connectivity so that firmware updates are possible, for instance. The coffee machine can also be operated remotely, and of course the machine itself has completely automatic self-cleaning capabilities, as is typical with products from the big brand manufacturers (Jura, Saeco and Krupps).

Download Video 16: The Lure Of Extreme Modding

Our latest video contains some extreme PC modding, showing you how all the necessary components of a professional espresso machine can be mounted into a PC case.

To meet the wishes of our readers who don't want to install an extra video codec, we offer the new video in WMV-9 format. Download it here:

Expresso-Video 16 in WMV9-Format

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