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Technical Specifications And Features

Lian Li PC-Q30 Case Review: A Mini-ITX Chassis With Flair

Lian Li's PC-Q30 employs horizontal airflow. Cool air enters through the two openings on either side of the case and is blown out the back, along with the system’s heat, via a fan. There’s no opening at the top, which means passive cooling isn't in the cards.

Technical Specifications
Model Number PC-Q30
Form Factor
mini-ITX, DTX
223 mm (Width) x  357 mm (Height) x 300 mm (Depth)
Black or Silver (Outside and Inside are the Same)
Material Aluminum
2.13 kg (Completely Empty)
2.30 kg (Empty)
5.25" (external)
3.5" (internal)
2.5" (internal)
4 x 2.5" for Hard Drive/SSD
Expansion Slots
Case Fans
1 x 140 mm
I/O Ports2 x USB 3.0 / HD Audio
Component Size
Graphics Card: Up to 200 mm Length and 125 mm Height (Including Power Connectors)
PSU: Up to 125 mm Length
CPU Cooler: Up to 130 mm Height (Including Fan)
Power SupplySFX (Not Included)
Street Price
Approximately $135

The power button on the front of the case features a blue LED to convey the system’s status and a red LED to show storage activity. It’s the same button used on many of Lian Li's other cases. There is no reset button.

The back of the enclosure's front cover exposes the attached cable, which you can detach. This actually makes installation easier, since the front cover can be set aside without detaching cables from the motherboard.

The front panel is more of a side. It sports two USB 3.0 and audio I/O (microphone input and headphone output).

The only potential issue we found was the PC-Q30’s four metal feet. They won't discolor the surface they're set on like the soft plastic ones tend to do, but they will scratch your desk if you're not careful. The lack of insulation against vibration didn't turn out to be a problem, surprisingly, due to the small footprint making contact.

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