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Installing The Second Hard Disk

Install A Solid State Drive In Your Notebook

The second stage is installing the second hard disk. In a 17" notebook, it’s simple – you open a panel and install it. With other models, installing the hard disk in place of the optical drive is also an option (when the manufacturer offers a bay, as Dell does). Unfortunately, our notebook has neither.

Installing the OptiBay

As we said, we had to get ourselves an adapter, the OptiBay. Here’s how we installed the OptiBay in our test MacBook Pro, in pictures.

ssd portableoptibay ssd

ssd portablessd portable

ssd portable

In a Standard Notebook PC

In a standard notebook, you either buy a bay into which you can install a hard disk (Lenovo and Dell, for example, offer this option) or you have to use a case like the OptiBay. The model we tested is intended for Macs (which use a trayless slot-in drive), but it can be adapted easily. Note that certain manufacturers, like Sony, offer this option directly. The Vaio TZ (an ultraportable) can accept a 2.5" hard disk in addition to its 1.8" drive (in place of the optical drive).


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