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Results: Access Time And I/O Performance

Does Your Storage Controller Affect The Performance Of An SSD?
By , Achim Roos

Access Time

When Samsung's 840 Pro is attached to a Z87 Express-based motherboard, its access time is about three times lower than when we attach it to AMD's A75 FCH. The other 10 controllers, whether integrated into a south bridge or discrete, fall in between.

I/O Performance

When we run the Iometer database benchmark, four controllers from Intel end up on top. AMD's SB950 follows immediately after. Only the 3 Gb/s-capable SB750 trails far behind. The other 3 Gb/s controllers clearly aren't throughput-limited, since they're able to outmaneuver some of the 6 Gb/s options.

Intel's Z77 and Z87 Express chipsets fare really well in the Web server and workstation workloads, though AMD's integrated controllers aren't far behind.

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