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Tom's Hardware Storage Bench And PCMark 7

OCZ Vector 256 GB Review: An SSD Powered By Barefoot 3

Storage Bench v1.0 (Background Info)

Storage Bench v1.0 is our home-grown trace, which replays the first two weeks of I/O activity on a desktop workstation. Because it includes several software installations, the trace incorporates quite a bit of compressible and incompressible sequentially-written information.

Based on the results of this test, OCZ's 256 GB Vector shows up at the top of the chart for the first time, though Samsung's 512 GB 840 Pro isn't far behind.

PCMark 7

PCMark 7 involves more compressible data, which is why SandForce-based drives jump up in the finishing order.

OCZ's Vector doesn't do quite as well in this metric, falling behind the 840 Pro and Vertex 3. Based on what we saw from the previous page, it's possible that the shorter duration of Futuremark's benchmark reflects the drive's reliance on foreground garbage collection, whereas the 840 Pro isn't incurring that overhead.

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