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Internet Explorer, Email, And Calendar

The Windows Phone 7.5 Review, A Month-Long Experience

Windows Phone 7.5: Browsing (Internet Explorer)

Internet Explorer

WP7 uses a version of Internet Explorer Mobile based on IE9's rendering engine. The interface is surprisingly well thought out for a phone-oriented browser. IE supports up to six tabs that run at the same time; the active tab doesn't lock the others up. Additionally, you can save pictures on websites and share links. The ability to search within a page was removed in the Mango update, but it might return in the future.

Video streamed in WP7 isn't played back in the Web browser. Rather, the video player opens to handle that. Check out the video below for an example.

Windows Phone 7.5: YouTube Videos


WP7 provides email support for an extensive array of services, such as Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, Nokia, Yahoo, and other POP- and IMAP-based services. Just be aware that if you configure email access manually through POP or IMAP, WP7 won't synchronize the contacts and calendar appointments associated with that account.

Email is shown in a thread view, but you can search for individual messages using queries for the subject, body, sender, or receiver.

Windows Phone 7.5: Calendar


WP7 makes calendar management easy. The default view sorts your upcoming agenda in a scrollable, chronological format, rather than displaying a standard monthly view that would be harder to see on a smartphone's small screen.

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