IronKey Claims World's Most Secure USB Key

Today IronKey unveiled what it claims to be the world's most secure USB key.

The new IronKey model S200 boasts that it's the most physically secure as well as data secure USB key on the market. How so? IronKey says that the key comes with an onboard encryption chip that does AES 256-bit encryption in "CBC" mode. In fact, IronKey claims that it uses the same techniques employed by the U.S. Department of Defense for securing sensitive data. 

Utilizing what IronKey calls the Cryptochip, the S200 can even self destruct. If the key senses that it's being tampered with, the chip can wipe the onboard flash memory and even kill the onboard decryption key, which is unique to each individual key. IronKey also says that keys can be remotely wiped if lost thanks to the IronKey S200 Server system. Administrators can also manage thousands of IronKeys at the same time.

Physically, the key is resistant to electromagnetic fields, so in case you happen to find yourself in around an electromagnetic bomb, you can be sure that your data will remain intact. The key is constructed of aluminum and the unit is water-tight.

On the inside, the flash memory chip as well as the Cryptochip is sealed beneath a layer of epoxy, preventing an attempt at removing the flash memory.

Specifications from IronKey:

- Capacity 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB
- Speed* Up to 27 MB per second read Up to 24 MB per second write
- Dimensions 75mm X 19mm X 9mm
- Weight .9 oz (25 grams)
- Waterproof MIL-STD-810F
- Temperature Operating: 0 °C, +70 °C Storage: -40 °C, +85 °C
- Operating Shock 16G rms
- Hardware USB 2.0 high speed
- Operating System Encryption Compatibility Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2+, Vista, Macintosh OS X 10.4+, Linux 2.6+
- Hardware Encryption Data: AES Cipher-Block Chained mode Encryption Keys: 256-bit Hardware DRNG PKI: 2048-bit RSA Hashing: 256-bit SHA FIPS - - Validations: 140-2 Level 3, 186-2, 197
- Section 508 Compliant

[Via Engadget]

Thanks to imtherecluse for the tip!

  • eddieroolz
    All your porn belongs to the key!
  • hellwig
    Hey, there we go, an encrypted USB drive that doesn't require Windows. I'm sure it's plenty expensive though.
  • Hanin33
    but is it safe from a sniffer/listener/MITM attack on the host PC?
  • dingumf
    Meh. Nothing compared to what those Secret Service people probably have.
  • jacobdrj
    But will it derail a train?

    Play Crysis?

    These are important questions relating to solid state technology.
  • drunknmunkys
    jacobdrjBut will it derail a train? Play Crysis?These are important questions relating to solid state technology.
    Not more important than 'Will it blend'
  • jacobdrj
    drunknmunkysNot more important than 'Will it blend'You win.
  • Greg_77
    Wonder how it performs when put in RAID? JK!
  • XD_dued
    Now my data is safe from EMPs! Yay!
  • acecombat
    I've seen the ad for IronKey on the side of times many times already :P
    But it's nice to know in the event of a global nuclear fallout my data will be safe!