Japan And South Korea-based Vendors Cut Prices For Entry-level Blu-ray Players In US Market

Tokyo (Japan) - Japan-based vendors including Sony, Sharp and Pioneer as well as South Korea-based Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have reduced retail prices for their entry-level Blu-ray Disc (BD) players in the US market by an average of 25% to prices less than US$300.For example, Samsung has lowered the retail price of its BD-P1400 to US$298 at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon and other large retail channels in a bid to clear inventories, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

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  • vagetaqtd
    I'll still wait until the players are around $100 and movies are around $15. Sony better get the BR format finalized, too many damn revisions.
  • San Pedro
    ^ Definitely one of the reasons I'm not interested in a blu-ray player any time soon.
  • saturn77
    $300 is way too much.
  • lobhob
    This is still good news for the ps3 since other BR players still cost so much. If you want to game some, have a multimedia device, and want a BR player look no further then a ps3.
  • Pei-chen
    zpyrdAFAIK, Sony holds the patenthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patent on BD format and optical device. If that is true, it will be a long while (2 years) before BD players fall into the $150 price range and movies on BD average $20. Sony is not known for licencing their patents at a low per device cost.The average consumer cannot afford to buy a Sony product or a product incorporating a Sony patent.I am disappointed Sony wants/needs to collect high patent licencing fees on their technology designs. Don't mention Apple, the company that asks for premium on other's technology.
  • divpers
    Yeah BR is a no-go for me, until they get it to around $150/15. If they are too hamfisted to manage that, I'll remain plenty happy with upscaling.
  • tekzor
    br in ps3 is half my reason for getting it. netflix has a good br selection ;)