'Obduction' Delayed (Again) To August 24

Cyan’s Obduction was supposed to come out next week (July 26). However, the studio put the game on hold for a few more weeks. Now, you’ll have to wait until August 24 to play it.

The August 24 launch date marks the second delay for Obduction. The initial launch was set for June. However, it was delayed to July 26, primarily to polish and stabilize the build after the then-recent updates to the Unreal Engine 4 and to continue work on the game’s Oculus Rift version.

According to a blog post by producer Ryan Warzecha, the team spent most of the extra time adding “the last couple of systems” instead of eliminating game-breaking bugs. At one point, he said that the game almost came out last week.

“Last week we still had a chance, if everything worked perfectly. At the end of the week the leads met to discuss our options. We were so close, we could ship. But we came to the unanimous decision that if we shipped it was driven mainly by the deadline — not because we were satisfied. Obduction is a product that we’re very proud of, and we don’t want to let unpolished edges get in the way of an amazing immersive experience.”

During the delay, Cyan also took advantage of new graphics technologies from Nvidia, like high dynamic range imaging and Simultaneous Multi-Projection (SMP). The SMP feature also includes the new Lens Matched Shading process for virtual reality, which renders the image to match the shape of the lens and projects it through up to four viewports. In the past, the image was compressed and then projected to a single viewport.

In the meantime, all you can do is wait (although, you can read my impressions of the game from E3). Warzecha acknowledged the fact that some might be skeptical about the release date. However, he assured readers that the game is worth the wait. “We wish you could be here with us, play Obduction, see how good it is, and how close we are,” he said. “We think it would change your mind.”

  • edhem
    Too bad it is Oculus only ... you know, with the awesome Oculus controllers we all have, and the awesome Oculus room tracking ...
  • Fay Everdunes
    Cyan cares a lot about delivering their vision. If they believe they need another month I fully trust them on that. I much rather they take their time and get it right than rush it out for some arbitrary deadline.

    As a small indie company, Cyan has proven themselves to really care about the games they make. The depth and detail they put into their worlds are astonishing. I'm not at all worried about Obduction.

    Slightly disappointed? Sure, but I'm not concerned at all about whether they will deliver or not. It just means I have a bit more time to play some other awesome indie puzzle adventure games that have recently come out while I wait!
  • anbello262
    I completely support this decision.
    After all, every year we see so many people complaining about (for example) EA delivering unfinished games.
    So, it's a lot better to take the time to finish it properly.
  • Jeff Fx
    18302783 said:
    Too bad it is Oculus only ... you know, with the awesome Oculus controllers we all have, and the awesome Oculus room tracking ...

    At this point, non-cockpit VR games should be created for the Vive, and the Rift users can play when they get touch controllers and 4-camera tracking. Targeting the 2nd lowest form of VR (it's only better than VR Gear) is not going to pay off as well as targeting the best VR possible today, especially considering that Oculus has a plan to upgrade their primitive system to something that can compete with the Vive.