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Audi Integrates TI Jacinto 5 Processor in Next Car Interfaces

The Jacinto 5 processor was announced earlier this year at CES 2012. TI claims that the OMAP-based SoC is capable of running 3D 1080 video, HTML5 applications, as well as real-time audio for speech recognition.

According to the company, Audi will use the Jacinto 5 to enable "feature-rich vehicle interfaces, and vivid digital radio and audio within the RCC unit in Audi's MIB High system, which debuted in the 2012 Audi A3." It was unclear when the chip would find its way into production models, and TI declined to comment on any production models. However, an Audi quoted provided by TI suggests that some development has already been done:

"When designing the MIB High system, it was clear that we would need a highly integrated, robust and adaptable processor for the RCC unit," said Peter Steiner, head of infotainment development at Audi. "TI's Jacinto 5 processor surpasses those needs, and ensures that drivers and passengers receive the best of automotive infotainment in our latest vehicles."

Audi declined to comment on the availability of the Jacinto 5 in its cars, and did not comment on reports that the company may have dropped Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip as underlying hardware for its infotainment system.

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