Get Free 'Total War: Warhammer' Content Alongside 'Call Of The Beastmen' DLC

Tomorrow, Creative Assembly will launch Call of the Beastmen, its third piece of downloadable content (DLC) for Total War: Warhammer and the second add-on that introduces a new playable race. If you choose not to buy the DLC, don’t worry; the studio is giving fans a batch of free content in conjunction with the launch of Call of the Beastmen.

More Features For The Grand Campaign

For those who prefer the single-player experience, the free content comes in the form of new units, Lore of Magic, and enemies. At the top of the list is the new Lore of Beasts magic that allows you to use a few abilities such as Wyssan’s Wildform, which strengthens allied forces, or Flock of Doom, which can hurt a large group of enemies.

At first glance, it seems that the Lore of Beasts is reserved for the Beastmen race only, but the Empire faction will get a new unit called the Amber Wizard that utilizes the new magic. This could give the Empire a slight edge in combat, because the Wizard can summon the terrifying Manticore into battle. The Lore of Beasts also grants the Amber Wizard the ability to talk to animals, so it makes sense that it gets a griffon mount so that it can cast dangerous spells from the sky.

Even if you don’t get the Call of the Beastmen DLC, you’ll still encounter them in your campaign as a new enemy. It’s best to eliminate them early in the game. Otherwise, these new foes become an unstoppable force. As the Beastmen move across the map, they can conceal themselves in forested areas and wait for the right time to loot and pillage an unsuspecting town or settlement. When they destroy a city, Beastmen spread the Chaos corruption, which will disrupt public order and terrify your armies. According to the developers, if you don’t deal with the Beastmen, they may ally with the equally aggressive Chaos Warriors for a strong offensive push from the north.

Enhance Online Play

There are also some additions and improvements to the game’s multiplayer side. The studio is testing a new feature that will allow you to customize your Lords and Heroes by adding or subtracting abilities, spells and items from each of these special units. The developers broke down the mechanic in a series of bullets, which you can read below.

Each character has a base cost, which includes inherent attributes, but not abilities, spell and items.When an ability, spell or item is added, the cost of the character increases.There is a slight decay in cost of abilities when added, taking into account that the player can only cast/interact with one ability at a time.Legendary Lords are given relevant quest battle reward items, allowing the player to experience a taste of what can be won in their campaign play-through.Magical characters are given a selection of single-use scrolls and non-magical characters a selection of single-use potions.

In addition to the customization features, you will be able to use the chaotic Lord of Change, Sarthorael the Everwatcher, in multiplayer and custom battles. However, you’ll need to unlock the achievement in the single-player campaign that makes Sarthorael a “named Lord.” You’ll also get four new maps for battles. These range from the open fields of Kelp and Koldust to the ambush-prone passages of Grimminhaggen.

More To Come

In addition to more premium DLC packs for the game, Creative Assembly will continue to provide more “free-LC.” The upcoming list of free add-ons include new Heroes, Legendary Lords, Lores of Magic and even a new playable race. It’s unclear when we’ll see most of the free content, but Creative Assembly did mention that the new race will be available towards the end of the year.