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The 150 MHz Project, Part 2

Game Benchmarks: Expendable Timedemo

Expendable can benefit much more from the higher bus speed. As you can see, the fastest clock speed used in the Expendable tests is 975/150 MHz. Even at "only" 900/150 the scores are almost as high as with the Giga-PIII. Of course such CPUs are only affordable for a minority. Therefore I expect the 600/150 setting to become quite popular. Using the multiplier of x4.0, you will require a Pentium III 533EB to run it at 600/150 (Just make sure that you get a Coppermine CPU!). Running it at this clock speed you'll get almost the same performance than when using a Pentium III 750/100 (Pentium III 750E) at a much lower price.

The same applies for the Pentium III 600/133. Running this processor at 150 MHz FSB results in 675 MHz core speed. That is almost as fast as the Pentium III 733/133. Or get a 667 to achieve the performance of a Pentium III 800E.