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Aerocool Dead Silence Case Fans Live Up To Name

The Aerocool Dead Silence series case fans were announced quite a while back, but it has taken up until now to reach shelves.

Aerocool has aimed to build one of the most silent case fans with this series. Based on conclusions from early reviews, it has succeeded in doing so.

DS 120 mmDS 140 mm
RPM @  12 V1200 RPM1000 RPM
CFM @ 12 V54.8 CFM64.8 CFM
dBA @ 12 V15.8 dBA14.2 dBA
RPM @ 7 V800 RPM700 RPM
CFM @ 7 V36.7 CFM39.8 CFM
dBA @ 7 V12.1 dBA10.8 dBA

In order to achieve these extremely quiet noise levels, Aerocool has gone to great lengths to silence the fans. These fans are the first in the world to feature a dual-material design in the way they do, as they combine both plastic and rubber throughout the entire construction. The colored bits are rubber, while all the black parts and the frame are made of plastic. Regarding special shapes to reduce noise, the corners of the frames feature noise reduction blocks built into the rubber, the rear of the blades have a gold-ball pattern to reduce turbulent noise, and the exit fins have some sort of teeth.

The fans have no PWM support yet, though due to the low start-up voltage of just 3 V, it won't be missed too much (at least not for case fans).

The units will come out in two sizes, both of which will come in four different colors, all of which come with or without LEDs. Color options are grey, red, white and blue. The frames are black for all the units.

Pricing for the units remains unclear, though we've spotted the 120 mm units on the streets for just under $20. They'll be rolling out to more retailers over the next few weeks.

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