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EKWB Outs Water Blocks For Nvidia GTX 1080 "Founder's Edition" (Update: Pricing Confirmed)

Nvidia's latest and greatest graphics card, the GTX 1080 (read our review here), is all the rage at the moment, and one thing that’s leaving many of us puzzled are the “Founder’s Edition” cards, as they cost $100 more than the custom versions from Nvidia’s AIB partners for just a reference cooler and "premium components." Today, EKWB announced its water block for the GTX 1080, and this is one that works on the Founder’s Edition cards.

The water block follows the standard recipe from EKWB, covering the GPU, memory and VRM circuitry. Over the GPU area, the block employs EKWB’s split-flow cooling design, which means that the fluid comes in over the center of the GPU and spreads out in both directions, reducing hydraulic restriction and evening out temperature differences. EKWB also claimed that it means you can use a reverse flow in the block without any consequences.

Because this is a higher-volume block than many others (assuming various custom versions will retain the reference PCB design, meaning that the block may work on a handful of non-Founder's Edition cards anyway), EKWB has four versions of it in its arsenal. For each of the two base types (plain copper or nickel-plated copper), users can pick from either a see-through acrylic top or an all-black Acetal top. All four variants are full-cover blocks, leaving no part of the GTX 1080’s PCB exposed on the side that the block is installed.

If you wish to cover the entire GPU, EKWB also built a handful of backplates to choose from. Color options for these include black, blue, red, gold and nickel.

U.S. pricing for the plain copper blocks sits at $113.99, whereas the nickel-plated blocks have a small premium, bringing their prices up to $125.49. Orders will open up on Friday May 27. EKWB did not provide U.S. pricing for the backplates.

Update, 5/24/2016, 1:08pm PT: Confirmed U.S. pricing information.

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