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Tom's Hardware Community: It's Hammer Time!

The hammer may be one of the most important historical icons humanity will ever see. Thor had a hammer. Judges use gavels. If you're anything like MC Hammer, you "Can't Touch This." And, of course, Tom's Hardware has a hammer in its logo.

It's hammer time.

We're bringing back a time-honored tradition of giving away Tom's Hardware-branded hammers. For this contest, a random five winners will receive limited-edition Tom's Hardware hammers.

Our hammers have a secret: you can twist off the hammer head to reveal screwdrivers set inside each other like nesting dolls!

Looking to enter? It's really easy:

1. Leave a comment (below, on this post).

2. Be one of the five lucky winners to win the random drawing!

If you win, we'll reach out to you via private message for your shipping information. If you don't respond in time, we'll move on to the next winner, so keep an eye on your inbox!

The contest begins now! Enter before July 1st to be counted for the drawing. Good luck!

  • jedik1
    Let the hammer down!
  • zahoome
    No info on where this contest is available, so I'm hoping it's not just continental US (except Rhode Island, if I remember right)! Adding my entry, just in case! :)
  • AdviserKulikov
    The perfect tool for fixing all your computer problems.
  • jimmysmitty
    Should have only put a picture of it and let the winning recipients discover the awesomeness themselves.
  • JQB45
    If the screw drivers can not fix your computer, you can resort to the hammer.
  • Andrewst1021
    *insert hammer pun here*
  • qparsons
    I would love to fix a few computers with that.
  • shadowmage
    Ahh, the iconic TH Hammer. Both a good conversation piece, and practical tech-fixing tool.
  • skit75
    If I win, can I get a digital version also? I will also need to know the damage and speed of the hammer, for the zombie apocolypse.
  • Shawn Bowman
    Well, it's my 18th birthday today, so I can actually enter one of these contests! cool