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Seagate 600 Pro-Series 200 GB SSD Review: For The Enterprise

Results: 4 KB Random Performance And Latency

Given that Seagate's 600 Pro is a read-focused SSD, it must be good in read performance. Offering up to 84,000 IOPS, the 600 Pro isn't merely adequate in this discipline. It does great. It separates itself from Intel's SSD DC S3700 and simply crushes Micron's P400m at high queue depths.

How does the 600 Pro hold up in write testing, though?

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the 600 Pro holds its own against the Intel and Micron offerings. In general, it's slightly faster than the P400m and just behind the SSD DC S3700. Considering a significant price difference, Seagate shows it can compete against heavier-weight competitors.

Looking at average response time, the 600 Pro falls roughly where we expect it to. Our maximum response time measurement is a little more troubling. The 600 Pro's ceiling is more than two times higher than the SSD DC S3700 and quadruple the P400m.

As we know, average response time masks spikes, while the instantaneous maximum doesn't reflect the frequency of them. In order get a clearer picture, we need to dig into performance consistency.