Nvidia Briefly Makes Mention of Secret GTX 580

AMD may have just released the latest batch of Radeon HD cards, which will lead to a brand new GPU family, but you can bet that Nvidia is cooking up something of its own. That special item could be the GeForce GTX 580 – a new high-end product.

Nvidia briefly listed the GeForce GTX 580 on its systems requirement page for the 3D Vision, so it's most definitely real. Nvidia's not ready to talk about it at all yet, though, as the company pulled the page before long.

Geeks3d managed to capture the image before it was taken down:

We don't know much beyond the name, but rumors say that it's a GF110-based card with 512 CUDA cores. Hopefully we'll find out soon!

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  • daniel266
    Can only bet one thing : It will be pricy.
  • RazberyBandit
    So it's speculated to be a full 512-core 400-series / Fermi-based GPU, yet it's going to get an entirely new family numbering scheme? Why? Calling it something like the GTX 480+, 485 or 490 wouldn't work?

    I don't see why a fully-enabled Fermi-based GPU deserves a number series all to itself unless getting chips with 512 working cores really is that big an accomplishment. Considering the hardships NVIDIA originally had with GF100 production, maybe it is.
  • elel
    Rebranding? Again? I'd be so shocked!
  • Other Comments
  • FloKid
    Gawd I hope they finally make it dual core...
  • SchizoFrog
    512 CUDA cores? Not much of a jump in the number of cores for a new high end piece. Is there any info on a change in the architecture over the GTX480?
  • Anonymous