Nvidia Touts (Quiet) 'Fastest DX11 GPU on Planet!'

Ahh, video card evolution is such an exciting thing. The basic duopoly that Nvidia and AMD have create a great back-and-forth competition that in the end benefits the consumer (and industrial markets). While AMD's been carrying the DirectX 11 crown for a while, Nvidia is looking to snatch it from them with what it is touting as the "Fastest DX11 GPU on Planet!" – and who wouldn't want to have that?

Not only will it be the fastest, but Nvidia promises it to be one of the quietest high-performance part. At a recent PDX LAN 16.5 event just past, Nvidia gave a few small details about its upcoming flagship DX11 GPU. Nvidia wouldn't reveal the name of the p

Besides just being really fast, Nvidia says it will be one of its quietest modern GPUs to date. It'll definitely be quieter than the GTX 480, but it'll be even quieter than the old GTX 285.

The sound-friendly cooler design is thanks to vapor chamber cooling, which utilizes water. The heat generated by the GPU boils the water, which then sends it up towards the heatsink fins. The water then cools and condenses then gets sent back down to the GPU plate again.

This boost in efficiency means that the upcoming Nvidia graphics card will run at around 47dBA under load of Crysis Warhead.

Check out the full presentation below for more, including another couple of Nvidia tech demos.

Source: Rumorpedia

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  • wintermint
    Frankly, I don't care whether AMD or nVidia has the fastest GPU... I'm more concern about the price drops that will follow suit after new and better products come out :D
  • wiyosaya
    47db is not what I would consider quiet.
  • hixbot
    Marcus, Nvidia already has the fastest DX11 GPU on the planet, the GTX 480. ATI's 5970 is faster but it has two GPUs.
  • Other Comments
  • IM0001
    Just a rehashed 480 with more performance "unlocked" from the drivers.
    Still will be interesting if the cooling and performance pan out, and look forward to the battle between it and the 69XX series.
  • restatement3dofted
    Hope that bad boy's adequately sealed - dropping the cash for the then-fastest DX11 GPU on the market, only to have its water chamber leak onto the rest of your $2000+ system would make for a bad day.
  • carlhenry
    yay! another price drop just around the corner! *drool*
    will be rooting for the gtx 460's!