MacBook Firmware Released, RAM Flaw Still Present

{{As attractive as the new MacBooks may be, they aren’t without their share of problems. One such early concern is that of systems running 4GB RAM, which exhibit stability issues not present on the same systems running 3GB or less.}}

Users looking to go big on RAM are finding that, instead of a smoother, snappier system, they are met with instabilities. According to [jkOnTheRun->], the issue seems to affect the new unibody MacBooks with 4 GB RAM. Those with 2 GB or even 3 GB appear to be fine.

This problem has already been acknowledged by Apple and that a software fix is on its way. Interestingly enough, Apple quietly just rolled out a batch of new firmware updates for the new MacBooks, which apparently [do not fix the memory issue->]. Sorry, big memory Mac fans, hopefully the real fix is en route.

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  • Oh the irony. My Hackintosh rus perfectly on 5GB. :lol:
  • I just returned my macbook. I utterly hated it.
  • it uses nvidia chipsets what did they expect