MSI Reveals GeForce GTX 760 HAWK Edition Graphics Card

MSI has introduced the GeForce GTX 760 HAWK graphics card that is designed for maximum overclocking. The graphics card, which features the famous TwinFrozr IV cooler, has clock speeds of 1111 MHz base and 1176 MHz GPU Boost. By comparison, the reference clock speeds of the GTX 760 are 980 MHz base and 1033 MHz Boost.

The card features 2 GB of GDDR5 memory that runs over a 256-bit wide memory interface at an effective speed of 6.0 GHz.

Under full load the card is able to draw up to 170 W in the factory configuration, but of course, when overclocked, it might need a bit more than that. The card also has a dual-BIOS system, where the second BIOS unlocks the card's true overclocking abilities, beyond Nvidia's restrictions, and allows the card to overclock to even further lengths.

MSI gave no word on when the card would hit shelves, nor did it release any information on its pricing. That said, it's realistic to expect a small premium over the price of stock GTX 760 cards.

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  • aoneone
    Can anyone answer if this GTX 760 is just a re-branded GTX 670? Higher or lower or about the same? I have the GTX 670 and I'm wondering if I should get another or upgrade, Thx in advance!~ ^_^
  • Spooderman
    If you want to upgrade from your 670 this is not really enough to make up for the cost. Just go for a 770.
  • David Lugarov
    This is a remade 670 Power Edition you could say, and right now, MSI's Lightning and PE and HAWK cards are having some small issues, they found that MSI was kind of cheating and overvolting it from the factory, causing users to run into big problems, not good MSI. I'm a huge fan, and it's dissapointing to see they took such a longshot, that missed after all.