Verizon To Boost FIOS Speeds


New York (NY) - Verizon will be significantly boosting its FIOS fiber optic speeds in the coming months. Ten states will have their speeds increased to 50 megabits/sec. download and 20 megabits/sec. for uploads at a subscription rate of $139.95 per month (ouch). The previous top speeds in those states were 30 Mbps/15 Mbps.

Existing customers will need to ask Verizon for the upgraded lines. The ten states are California, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington. The company also mentioned that it will introduce a 20mbps/20mbps FiOS package as well.

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  • blppt
    Amusing in the tri-state area---Verizon has been (correctly) advertising its FIOS service as offering superior upload speeds to Cablevision's Optimum Online service. So, Cablevision strikes back with their stupid new spokesperson/commercial guy who directly responds to those Verizon claims, and acts like he doesnt know where FIOS gets these figures from, and claims Optimum's upload speeds to be many times faster than "phone company high-speed".

    The ONLY ad where Verizon makes those claims are for FIOS, whereas Optimum is either delusional or comparing their upload speeds to DSL, because FIOS is far superior to any of their offerings in upload speed. Nice work, Dolans. You ruined the Knicks and are now blatantly trying to sneak one by casual internet users. What a company.
  • photoguru
    We've had 50Mbps wideband for a few months now. Thank you Comcast for picking Minneapolis for the test area. The beauty of wideband is that they don't have to pull fibre all the way to each house. Supposedly they could run it up to 160Mbps if need be. Right now they're holding back uploads to 5Mbps, but they said that they will be increasing it after a few months. Comcast customers with basic saw their upload jump from 386k to 1Mbps. Basic plus went from 786k to 2Mbps.
  • evilshuriken
    blppt... I am wondering how your comment is relevant to this article.
    So yeah... moving on.

    FIOS is still not widely available in this area and this is one of the areas they chose to start the initial development. Really lame. I can't say I really need a faster down speed than what my cable connection offers(10Mbps), but their upload is pitiful at only 800Kbps. 15Mb/2Mb sure sounds nice(That is their old advertised speed for the mainstream package but that would be nice to have even now)...