Update: Xbox One Spring Update Coming Later This Week

[Update] Microsoft has confirmed that the first half of the Xbox One spring update has been delayed. Originally supposed to be released today, Microsoft is now saying that the update will land at some point this week.

We've heard a lot of rumors about hardware updates for the Xbox One but how about some legitimate information on the kind of software improvements Microsoft plans to make in the coming months? Microsoft today announced that its spring update for Xbox will actually be split into two segments. One of these is going to arrive this month, while the second will come a month later, in March. So what can users expect from these updates?


February’s update will hit your console in less than one week. Come February 11, you’ll be able to see and manage your storage space as well as control your install lineup and download queue. This means you can shift things around based on your preferences and what you want to play first. You can also create separate queues for My Games and My Apps because the spring update will see them separated into two lists.

Microsoft has also added a boot progress indicator to make the tracking of updates that little bit clearer.

It’s handy to know how much juice is left in your controller. A quick glance at the home screen will tell you just that thanks to the return of the power indicator.

Lastly, you’ll be able to use your USB keyboard with your Xbox One, a functionality that hasn’t been available up until now.


Microsoft hasn’t offered much in the way of information regarding the March update. Scheduled to arrive on March 11, we assume more details will become available once the February update is rolled out across all consoles. 

Still, we do know that it will bring preparation for the launch of Titanfall. Microsoft is calling it the biggest game launch of the year, so no surprise it wants users' consoles to be prepared when the time comes. As a result, the March update is going to improve and add features for party and multiplayer games.

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  • firefoxx04
    Most of those 'features' were already available on past consoles for the past few years...
  • antilycus
    They are making Titanfall for a Console? Weird. I am going to be running it on a Linux box running a GPU Passthrough Windows VM... I do find it ironic that to make Windows work best, I have to use Linux for it's thread and memory management.
  • hakesterman
    It's about dang time. How about some USB Storage device support EH.