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Turtle Beach's Gaming Headsets

CES 2013: Day 1 Highlights

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach brought a wide variety of new gaming headsets to CES this year. We’ll start with the Seven series: the M Seven, Z Seven, and XP Seven.

All three headsets share the same 50 mm drivers, along with a cool feature called Chat Boost which dynamically adjusts voice channel output to compensate for loud sounds during gameplay, ensuring that communication doesn’t get drowned out in a fire fight. The M Seven employs an inline microphone, while the Z Seven ($249) has a removable boom mic with an inline USB audio control unit. The XP Seven ($279) is essentially the M Seven with an optical input option for Dolby (as required by the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3).

The USB audio control unit can also be purchased separately for use with other headphones. This unit provides surround sound processing (with an override to turn it off), allows you to adjust the virtual surround speaker position, and hosts a desktop speaker output as well.

The company’s premium wireless gaming headsets for consoles have been updated, too. The XP510 for Xbox comes with a Bluetooth dongle and retails for $289, while the PX51 for Playstation doesn't require a dongle and goes for just $269. Both headsets feature a dual-band Bluetooth controller to catch the cleanest available channel. Both models also include 50mm drivers, Chat Boost, rechargeable batteries which can be charged during use via USB cable, and dual-stage EQ settings which can focus on specific frequencies (such as footsteps, to better hear your enemies sneak up on you). The dual-channel Bluetooth radio accommodates two audio sources, allowing for phone calls or custom music from your mobile device during play.

The new PX22 ($79) works on console systems as well as the PC. It also features 50mm drivers and an inline controller with bass and treble boost. Chat Boost is also supported, though virtual surround is not. The $89 Z22 is the PC-centric version of the PX22, and the $10 premium over the other model gets the Z22 buyer a USB dongle.

Finally, we have the Z300, a wireless PC stereo headset with a USB transmitter. It features the same dual-band Bluetooth controller as the XP510/PX51. According to Turtle Beach, this will be the first wireless PC headset capable of music streaming and answering the phone while gaming and chatting - all at the same time. Final pricing is expected to be in the $170 range.

Our editorial team is already deep in their second day of CES 2013 coverage, so stay tuned to our CES 2013 landing page for more from this year's trade show.

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