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Benchmark Results: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Preview: VIA VN1000 And Nano DC Platform: An IGP With Game?

The latest version of Call of Duty provides impressive visuals, even at low details, though you’ll notice there aren’t any shadows or advanced lighting effects. The low 800x600 graphics resolution is the biggest detriment to realism, however.

VIA’s Nano DC platform appears to be perfectly playable, unlike its Atom-based counterparts, but appearances can deceive. The reality is that a bug in the driver caused the game to crash between screens on a fairly regular basis. We expect stability to improve as the driver development exceeds beta status, though the more stable version could also lower FPS. Almost miraculously, Intel’s Core i3-530 IGP is also playable at these settings.

Once again we see playable frame rates coming from VIA’s low-energy solution as well as Intel’s low-cost mainstream part, and again we warn that VIA’s beta drivers are not yet completely stable in this title.

While a minimum of 19 FPS might be playable if those FPS are smooth, we did see some choppiness that appear as though a fairly high FPS was being dragged down by an occasional “stuck” frame on both the Intel and VIA platforms. Having noticed that, the ION platforms couldn’t achieve playable smoothness at any resolution.

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