Your DIY 4 GHz Dual Core Gaming Rig For $720

Stable Power Supply: 400 Watts Is Plenty

Modern motherboards with socket 775 CPUs get their input voltage from a 24-pin ATX12 connector. This is the only way to obtain the necessary power required.

As a consequence of extreme overclocking with this dual core Intel Pentium D 805 processor, power consumption spikes. By itself, this situation is enough to justify using a power supply with ample reserves of power, which is why we chose a 550-Watt unit. It's definitely not the quietest or most efficient model on the market, but its cheap price helps to make it good buy.

Modern power supplies also come equipped with numerous other connection possibilities and cables, in addition to an ATX12 connector for the motherboard. When upgrading or switching to the socket 775 platform, these other connections become necessary, to cover the high power consumption levels of the Pentium D 805.

The main PSU power cable bundle with a 20-pin ATX12 connector

An additional connector for a 12-Volt supplementary input voltage for the motherboard is provided.

A side panel with a large 200 mm monster fan is a characteristic of the Deluxe DLC-MG309 case (not available in the United States). It's overkill for a configuration that also includes water cooling.

Only newer PSUs include power connectors designed to attach to SATA drives.
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  • T_larson911
    This looks really nice. I've been wanting to implement water cooling into my system and I have the same case. I just have to get the radiator on the top like you have done.