VIA KT333 Put To The Test: 18 Motherboards Compared

DirectX 8 Games: 3D Mark 2001

3D Mark 2000 determines DirectX 8's Direct3D performance. The results show Gigabyte in lead position.

MP3 Audio Encoding: Lame MP3

The Lame MP3 encoder was used to convert a 178 MB sound file from a WAV format to MPEG-1 Layer 3 format. The chart clearly shows that the outmoded VIA KT133A chipset lands squarely at last place. The leader of the pack is the Epox board, wih Aopen following closely on its heels.

MPEG-4 Video Encoding: Xmpeg 4.5 And Divx 5.01

The Epox board leads at MPEG-4 encoding. The outdated VIA KT133A brings up the rear.

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