Mainstream Runners: 5 Allround Graphic Cards with nVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

NVIDIA Conquers Business Computing

For many years Matrox has been demonstrating that the market is not only focused on 3D, 3D and again 3D. Their current top model, the Millennium G450 , is neither a retail market nor a 3D performer. Instead of that it revives the classes graphics card features like excellent 2D Performance and razor sharp signal quality. Matrox teams that up with Dual Head, which is the option to use two monitors, ensuring remarkable market shares. Banks, insurance companies and salesmen consider two-screen solutions both as immensely practical as well as prestigious. Therefore this kind of graphics card is in high demand amongst those users.

NVIDIA is pretty famous for having a good sense of direction, as they employ some of the world's best engineers and designers. At the last Comdex in Las Vegas NVIDIA released their GeForce2 Go chip for mobile computers, which is expected to take the notebook market by storm. Now, GeForce2 MX and TwinView are sent into battle to conquer the business market as well.

MX's good performance in combination with features that are very similar to those of the Matrox G450 chip, the Canadian company finally got a serious competitor in their market segment.

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