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Results: Metro: Last Light

Intel Pentium G3258 CPU Review: Haswell, Unlocked, For $75

This one took me by surprise. Metro typically shows itself to be quite demanding of graphics resources. But at a Very High DirectX 11 detail setting, the game does want to be running on a faster host processor, too.

Again, overclocking the Pentium G3258 yields a tremendous performance boost (26%). AMD’s Athlon X4 750K enjoys a still-impressive 16% gain.

The stock Pentium and Athlon suffer minimums that approach 20 FPS, while the overclocked chips are closer to 30 FPS. Meanwhile, the Core i5-4690K achieves a minimum frame rate of 44, demonstrating the importance of balance. Without question, overclocking the quad-core i5 would unlock even more of the GK110 GPU’s potential in this title.

Compare the black line to the red, and the purple line to the orange. That’s the difference attributable to overclocking.

Frame time variance in Metro registers a little higher than the games we’ve tested thus far, but it’s not severe. The stock Pentium and Athlon fare worst; the performance benefits conferred by overclocking help reduce variance, also.

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