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Results: Borderlands 2

AMD's Piledriver And K10 CPU Architectures Face Off

Moving onto 3D gaming, we start with our Tom’s Hardware Borderlands 2 manual run, which takes approximately 105 seconds to complete.

Again, we have to caution against putting too much emphasis on Fraps' minimum frame rate data, since the same consistency issue we experienced in the Intel story happens here as well. I’ll stay consistent and chart unadjusted minimum FPS here also, though this may be the last time. While this variance is usually insignificant, it can also be game-changing. For example, Fraps reports that the overclocked FX-4350 drops to 35 FPS, yet the single lowest second logged is 57 FPS.

Each processor delivers a nice playable experience at Medium settings, though a couple of those dramatic drops at the beginning of the run (gaming on the Athlons) did translate to noticeable stutter.

While there is evidence of a CPU bottleneck preventing the complete utilization of our beefy Radeon HD 7970 graphics card, every one of these processors is at least capable of delivering an acceptable Borderlands 2 experience. Only the stock Athlon X4 750K and overclocked Athlon II X4 640 register a brief drop below 40 FPS.

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